Welcome to our blog!

Two years ago, I barely knew what a "wiki" was. I had not caught the Facebook "bug." I didn't read blogs, let alone have one. "Social Networking" was something I did with my friends.

Now, I share with teachers via wikis-- and kids in BirdSleuth classrooms are starting to communicate with each other via them, too.  I hold live chats online to network with educators around the country. We are approaching 500 fans on the BirdSleuth Facebook page, and it is growing every day.  And, I'm creating this blog so I can communicate more effectively with the homeschool families who have begun using BirdSleuth.

Science is fun! And homeschool families and groups have an amazing opportunity to teach science in engaging, deep ways. BirdSleuth can help you bring science to life for your kids!

Some families want to channel their child's strong interest in birds into science learning ("My 10-year old already knows he wants to study ornithology at the Cornell Lab. How can I support him?). Others want to work on something with real-life meaning while teaching science content ("We can count birds together. We send our bird data to the Lab and scientists use it to better understand birds-- it's so motivating!")

As this blog grows-- and you hear from me, other BirdSleuth staff and environmental educators, fellow homeschoolers, and Lab scientists-- I hope you'll discover the many ways that BirdSleuth can support you in bringing science home!

Happy BirdSleuthing,
Jen Fee
BirdSleuth Project Leader
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