White-crowned Sparrow

_White-Crowned Sparrow portrait 3898.JPG.xcf by Norm TownsendThis week, the Cornell Lab has named the White-crowned Sparrow as the Bird of the Week!  You might think that this sparrow was awarded her white crown as this week's "winner," but she's actually had that crown since she was a nestling! (Thank you to Norm Townsend, BirdShare, for this lovely photo.)

This species is found in the winter throughout much of the United States.  Put up a feeder, and perhaps they will visit you! 

Visit the Lab's All About Birds page to learn more about this species, see more photos, and hear the species' call. Also, see if you can find the answers to these questions:

1. Do male and female White-crowned Sparrows look alike? Do the juveniles look different than the adults?
2. Where does this species breed?
3. How can you tell this species of sparrow apart from other sparrows?
4. What does this species eat? Does its diet change throughout the year?
5. Have you ever heard the song or call of this species?

Happy Birding!
Jen Fee

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