Great Backyard Bird Count Going on NOW!

For birdwatchers, there’s a real reason that February is the month of love. No, I’m not suggesting that you send a cardboard paper professing your undying love to that elusive Indigo Bunting (I doubt it would appreciate the sentiment). I’m talking about the Great Backyard Bird Count! Every year, bird watchers of all ages go outside and count the number of birds and the number of species they see. Even the most inexperienced of birders can participate in this event; all it takes is at least fifteen minutes of counting and a passion for our feathered friends.

This year, the Great Backyard Bird Count takes place on February 18 to February 21. If you can spare 15 minutes to count birds for GBBC, please visit their site.  And watch for GBBC events around the country at parks, nature reserves, and various bird clubs so you can get out and join other birders.

Photo courtesy Photofarmer, Flickr.
The information gathered over the course of these four days will give us an excellent snapshot of where the birds are across the continent, and in real time, you can monitor the information data your fellow birders are providing via the GBBC website. There’s even a photo contest with prize, so send in your best pictures from the event! 

Due to a winter advisory (immense snow squall over Ithaca, NY), I'm looking forward to doing my count tomorrow!  Join me this weekend in helping our scientists understand birds!

Happy birding,

Jennifer Fee
Education Program
Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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