Birds of the Mississipi Delta

Dear homeschoolers,

The Lab has just released a new video, "Birds of the Mississippi Delta," and I think you will enjoy it and find it educational, too!

As someone who grew up on the Mississippi (in St. Louis), even I had no idea about the importance of the delta and the amazing diversity there!

Some topics to address include:

Caspian Tern, Suzanne Black, Flickr

Adaptations and Diversity:  What different kinds of beaks do you see in this video?  How are these beaks adapted for eating what they eat?  Draw several beaks and research the foods they eat. How are the legs of birds different, and how do these differences give hints to how these species make their living?

Habitat:  A habitat provides the food, water, cover, and space that an animal needs to survive.  How does the Mississippi Delta provide these things for the birds that live there?  What is so special about the barrier island habitat for nesting birds?

Food Chain:  Draw a food chain including a bird that is found in the video.  Be sure to start with the SUN and end with a DECOMPOSER!  You may need to do some research on what the bird eats, and what might eat it.

And, don't forget to go out and look at the birds in YOUR area, and share them with Project FeederWatch, eBird, or another Cornell Lab citizen science project!

Happy Spring,
Jennifer Fee
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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